From cafés to entire dietary departments, L2M Foodservice Design Group develops specialized, aesthetically pleasing healthcare dining areas that address the needs of patients, physicians, visitors and staff alike. From an operations standpoint, we create spaces that improve efficiency and traffic flow and incorporate energy-saving methodologies. Our experience includes both acute and long-term care settings.

Travel & Leisure

Our innovative foodservice designs grace some of the nation's busiest travel plazas and airports. We understand the unique pressures and considerations of the travel and leisure industry. including security requirements, and the importance of facilities opening before peak travel periods.


Our experience with National brands has afforded us unique insights to operational efficiencies and production that can benefit operations of all types and sizes.


Working under the design-build model as well as directly for the customer or hired architect, L2M has successfully designed foodservice facilities for multiple agencies falling under the Department of Defense. From mess halls, to popular retail establishments, to temporary kitchen operations, we leverage an innovation by collaboration philosophy to become a valuable team player by making educated decisions about the design and paying special attention to deadlines and schedules.